Walt Mossberg’s 22-year mission to make computers easier to use


Thanks walt for confirming what I realized in 1983. I’ve been this for 30 years. I realized then that and this is a quote, “the best computer is the one you don’t see” and “communications is the key”.

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Mossberg first column“Personal computers are just too hard to use, and it isn’t your fault,” is how Walt Mossberg began his first column for the Wall Street Journal on October 17, 1991. More than two decades later, computing is certainly easier, some of it coming so naturally that the devices seem more like appendages than machines. And that’s true even for the average consumer, the type of person who might eagerly anticipate reading Mossberg each week in the Journal.

Each week, that is, until the end of this year, when his newspaper column ends. The Journal announced yesterday that it is parting ways with Mossberg along with All Things Digital, the tech news site he founded with Kara Swisher.

In an interview, Mossberg said he will continue writing reviews as part of a site he plans to set up with Swisher. (It’ll need a new name: The AllThingsD brand remains with…

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[cfsp key="google_adsense_300x250"]“Never one to disappoint, Digitimes is out with a new report today with some more supply chain rumblings from the Far East on what to expect. In standard Digitimes fashion, take with six handfuls of salt and expect about 50% accuracy,” Evan Niu writes fro The Motley Fool. “The report claims that Apple will unveil an 8 GB iPad 2 entry-level model. This is where the plot thickens, because this speculation checks out with Apple’s practice of reducing storage on older models to tackle lower price points. It did this with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 over the past two years.”

“Some type of iPad price cut seems inevitable, and this would be a killer move. Let’s say that Apple moves the current entry-level 16 GB iPad 2 down to the $399 spot once the new iPad 3 takes the $499 place. If Cupertino puts an 8 GB…

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